Sarah and Tyron {Raw Elegance}

With an air of raw elegance, it was easy to mistake this bridal inspired styled shoot for an industrial romance set in a rustic dream that only modern lovers could inspire.

Set in Katy’s Palace and overlooking the urban city, the moody atmosphere combined with simplistic but bold flower details and the exquisite art piece dress from White Lilly Bridal, elevated us to a place where the images we captured told a contemporary story of promises made, time forgotten and reveries found.
With the picturesque setting, lace inspired romance and floral high notes, it wasn’t by any means a stretch of the imagination to transform the afternoon into one of bold opulence and edgy innocence. The alluring softness of the vintage inspired dress and the minimalism of the rustic venue provided a juxtaposition of textures and light that would make even the most seasoned photographer stand back in awe, and we often found ourselves at a loss for words at what we saw unfold before us. The love affair between the contrasting dark and soft tones was one that poets dream of telling and lovers aspire to be part of, and we couldn’t have wished for a more enchanting outcome from this experience.
“Look at me that way again, and you might just claim what’s left of my heart.” – William C. Hannan.

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Dress: White Lilly Bridal

Venue: Katys Palace

Flowers:Ribbon Creative Studio

Makeup:Sarah Brown

Model:Sarah Brown and Tyron

Photographer: Maiden Moose Photography of course