Mischa and Jonathan {Heart on Sleeve}

{Happiness hit her, like a train on the track}

This session was not a very ‘planned’ shoot but Jonathan and Mischa are the type of people that makes you realise that art is unplanned, free, real and honest it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve…and come to think of it art and love has a lot in common and sometimes I wonder if it’s not the same thing.

We often think capturing love stories leaves people with memories, but there is so much more to picking up a camera and taking photos of a couple, sometimes to be very honest they leave us feeling a little bit more inspired and a little bit more creative and even a little bit more ready to embrace stories we need to tell through our images.

Mischa and Jonathan thank you for an afternoon of good vibes, chilling in a laundromat, showing us your fave movies and where to get the best hot chocolate in town – I truly am excited for your big day ahead it’s definitely going to be something OUT OF THIS WORLD and one of your biggest adventures yet!

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