Maiden Moose {Tiny bubbles & toy buildings}


I woke up in a room filled with dark smoke, the air was thick, magical and somehow I knew something interesting was about to happen.  I stood up and started walking through the smoke, it changed colours as I touched it and whispered something that sounded like a poem that didn’t rhyme. I turned around and there it was, a bright yellow wooden door with a doorknob that looked like a white strawberry. I curiously tried to open the door and it made a giggling sound as I turned the strange doorknob, I suppose this should sound weird but it was pleasantly intriguing.

As I opened the door a wave of light washed into the room and the the dark smoked disappeared.  The light was beautifully bright and transformed into thousands of tiny bubbles. I looked closely only to notice the bubbles were in actual fact small planets. One by one they started to pop and tiny toy buildings fell out, they were all in different colours and shapes so I packed them neatly next to each other admiring their beauty, I fell asleep next to these magical weird toys and guarded them with my heart.

The next day I woke up and I was in Amsterdam…


Maiden Moose

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