My name is Domenique, I’m originally from a really warm country (South Africa) but my heart belongs to cloudy, cool and moody days…so it’s no surprise I now call the Wicklow mountains home.


I am happiest when I get to hike through forests and explore beautiful mountain tops with my husband Eben and my camera by my side or when we get to snuggle with our super cute pups Nina and Heidi. I also like to write short stories that I seldom share and when I am not taking photos I Illustrate and try to perfect the art of coffee making.


Maiden Moose one could say is my rebellious love child, and with every unruly love child comes an air of audacious creative expression and enchanting freedom.

I believe photography allows me to explore the world with childlike wander and helps me find beauty in hidden spaces, whilst staying wild and free.


My photography services includes product photography and couple/family sessions. If you would like to collaborate send me an email and we can dream up the perfect backdrop for your photo session.


I would say my work is best suited for easygoing folks who have an appreciation for the small things in life, like taking the road less traveled, soaking up the slowness of a cozy Sunday morning or hunting for the perfect small coffee shop with a window view of old buildings.