Mont Rochelle {Misty mornings and new beginings}

With all the pictures I’ve taken, I will be the first to admit that the photos are not always the only reward. However, they’re the best part of it all because they are proof of the experience and the memories we get to capture.  All images are expressions of how we see the world and what makes photos so interesting is that it is an extension of our souls. They’re meant to encapsulate how it felt to walk on a misty mountain on a cold day and what it looked like to see a beautiful mountain that’s recently experienced the harshness of a Cape fire – and this hike reminded us that after each harsh season in life there will always be a new season of growth and beautiful beginnings.  And I’m so glad we get share some of our memories as we explore the world.

Highlight of the hike: being so close to the mountains, taking moody photos of tiny weird looking flowers, taking a photo of my wedding ring (this was the last photo taken as it was recently stolen – that’s a different story worth writing about) and sneaking in some photos of my sweet Eben.

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