Maiden Moose {Our biggest Adventure yet}

‘In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours.

In all the world there is no love for you like mine.’

There is magic in breaking rules together, being yourself and following the path that sets your soul on fire.

There is also a sense of unrealnesss when you find someone that inspires you to be bold enough to stare the world in the eyes and say ‘you enjoy yourself I am doing my own thing’.  The only experience more magical then that is finding someone who makes you feel brave enough to break rules in a stylish manner, inspires you to be real and makes you look at the world in a different way.

When you find that type of person who sets your soul free you end up saying yes when they ask you to get married just after midnight in Paris (and no not the movie) in the actual city of love! February is in so  many ways the month of love for us. We celebrate our adventures and wedding anniversary and most of all we get to be thankful for finding each other in a world that is sometimes so dangerously cold.

Here is a few images of our little wedding adventure. When we started planning our wedding I got super nervous, I mean where do you even start? I have always wanted to elope and Eben wanted a small wedding but flying our favourite  people to an island just wouldn’t have worked. So our approach was simple we wanted it to be chilled and no matter what happened we didn’t want to become those people who got so overly consumed about the wedding details that you ended up not focusing on what’s important…your adventure and promise to love each other in front of God. We broke a lot of rules – there was no obligated speeches, cake cutting or weird dance moves- not because we don’t love these things at weddings, but because that’s just not our thing.

The result was really an afternoon of relaxed vibes at the beautiful Shepstone Gardens, we did all our legal documentations the day before our wedding to ensure we could just enjoy the ceremony and not have any admin. We sneaked away earlier the evening to a surprise location in Johannesburg before our big road trip to the Drakensburg, Karoo, Garden Route and Cape Town and lastly we both now look back and can honestly feel it was such a perfect day for us and everything we ever wished for.

Our advise to anyone who is planning on getting married is to always to follow you heart, whether you are a hipster soul, an elegant queen, perfectionists or classic bride and groom, its your day! Don’t be scared to break any rules and most of all be yourself…everyone else is already taken.


Example_1714 Example_1715 Example_1716 Example_1717 Example_1718

The dress also had its own interesting story (of course) I found this dress in a random little shop that didn’t even sell wedding dresses!

It was the only dress there of its kind and they only had it in one size, so it was meant to be. I am a bit of an impulsive soul so naturally I had to buy it on the spot.

Example_1719 Example_1720 Example_1721  Example_1723 Example_1724 Example_1725 Example_1726  Example_1728



Example_1729 Example_1730

Example_1731 Example_1732


We had our lovely friend Lucille from Bloom Design do our flowers ,we went to the flower market together a day before our wedding and got some beautiful wild flowers and paired it with feathers that Eben and I collected for our wedding.


Example_1734 Example_1735 Example_1736 Example_1737 Example_1738 Example_1739

We even decided to step outside the venue and went to explore a little ‘dodgy’ street.  We had people drive past in taxis congratulating us! Very random but we loved it.

Example_1740 Example_1741 Example_1742 Example_1743 Example_1744 Example_1745 Example_1746 Example_1747 Example_1748 Example_1749 Example_1750 Example_1751 Example_1752 Example_1753

A special thank you to Marleen and Carel from Stroopsoet for taking these photos, they made us feel relaxed and we appreciated that they enjoyed our not so traditional wedding day as much as we did.