Janique and Jan-harm {Country side Wedding}

They have a kind of love that is as cosy as reading a book in front of a fireplace under a perfect knitted blanket with warm cuppa hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

Hearts filled with love and joy as family and friends watched Janique being walked down the aisle to become the wife of her best friend and soul mate.  It was our first time photographing a wedding in Klerksdorp and this countryside wedding ended up stealing a piece of our hearts! I cannot share these photos without mentioning what amazing people both Janique and Jan-harm are, they made us feel so welcome and it was easy to see they treat everyone with love.  No wonder their love for each other is so incredibly beautiful.

Janique and Jan-harm; thank you for making us feel so welcome on your special day we wish you all the best in your new adventure as Husband and Wife as you travel together to a new country.

Love and blessings

Domenique and Eben


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