Create and be free

‘Because if I didn’t create a piece of my heart would disappear’

When I started writing this post I had to rewrite it at least four times, because what I need to write vs. what I want to write is two different things.

We have spent so much time over the past few months analysing, creating, providing the best possible customer service one could think of, planning, dreaming, finding ways to make our website more user friendly, writing goals, achieving goals and trying to take our business to the next level.  And whilst all these things are very important and in fact the pillars of any successfully business I had to take a step back today and post something that was different, something that was just pure fun and that’s exactly what this shoot was about. Grabing your camera, chasing a sunrise and we even went to explore an abandoned house after the shoot! (I will be posting some of these images on my Instagram account).

You see we are all artists and have a need to live a free and adventurous life, sometimes all you need to do is step out and do something that makes you happy. We might not be where we need to be, but we sure are creating a life we want and that on its own is worth celebrating.


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