Corine en Björn {City Love Session}

‘If it rains, we don’t mind dancing in the rain’

These were the words of the adventurous Corine after we had a quick conversation around the cloudy skies and the potential of rain on their engagement shoot…Oh how I wished for rain after that message.  Grey skies couldn’t dampen the romance and love of these two they have such a calm and beautiful light about them you cant help but feel inspired and in total admiration of their love.

If you follow our work you would have realised by now we have a soft spot for urban in town shoots- there is always something rebelliously beautiful about shooting in the city, what made this shoot even more special was the fact that our in town location was Conrine and Björn’s first date spot.

Thanks for a lovely afternoon guys and we cant wait for the next adventure!


Dom and Eben



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