Celebrate being different

‘Don’t be afraid of being different be afraid of being the same as everyone else’

Today’s post is inspired by being brave enough to believe in yourself and to have enough courage to follow your dreams.

I wanted to do a photoshoot that captured being different in a creative and beautiful light and was honoured to have Amanda as my model.

So often we compare ourselves  to others and put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect that we forget to focus on what matters, now I am not saying being a perfectionist is a bad thing but I do believe following someone else’s path is not only ‘not creative’  but also doesn’t allow you to embrace your differences and be unique.

If you find yourself comparing yourself with others, stop for a second and think of all the reasons you are different and how your life has shaped you to be unique and embrace that very thing that always made you feel imperfect.

Venue: The Sheds

Flower Crown: Bloomdesign

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