About  us

Welcome to our charmed world of storytelling through images. Here at Maiden Moose, we believe that you don’t age in years, but rather in stories and journeys.


We are inspired by human passions – what it means to love, to live, and to laugh. We get excited about the way that light and darkness play together, the spirited energy between meaningful glances and stolen kisses, and the electric atmosphere of one of a kind experiences. But most importantly we’re inspired by you – we believe you’ve got a love story unfolding around you, and we’d like to help you tell it.


My name is Domenique, and Eben is my adventure-seeking husband and ingenious collaborator. Apart from photography and my love for colourful headscarves, he’s my whisky in a teacup and my favourite thing on earth. While we’re not out hunting for the world’s best coffee shops to fuel our roasted bean obsession and dancing to our own heartbeats, we’re looking for ways to narrate the delightfully peculiar world around us through the photos that we take. We dream big, take risks and feel alive by thinking less and feeling more. Our creativity is inspired by wanderlust and a courageous sense of curiosity that keeps us weird, whole and free.


While we call Dublin home, we often hop on a plane to explore the bright lights of far away cities and saturated sunrises in hidden countryside havens – so chances are, we’ll run into you somewhere on our travels! No destination is too far for us, and if you’d like to meet for coffee or chat about available dates, please feel free to pop us an email.  (We may or may not take bribes in the form of dark roasted blends and vintage vinyl’s, – let’s just leave that there to percolate…)

maiden moose, and you

Maiden Moose is our rebellious love child, and with every unruly love child comes an air of audacious creative expression and enchanting freedom. Maiden Moose embodies child-like wonder, daring exploration, and bold daydreams; and we want you to feel as uninhibited in front of our lens as we do behind it. Every client is a friend in the making – your ripped edges are a masterpiece waiting to be unearthed, and we’re thrilled to meet you and tell your story in a way that inspires you to look back on it with love in your eyes and music in your heart.

You are a fearless, free and creative spirit. You are the reason we do what we do, and while we assist you in capturing your love story, you are our prose and our poetry.We believe in finding beauty in hidden spaces, and we ask nothing more of you than to be unapologetically you – effortlessly unique, rare and undeniably captivating.