Maryké and Jacques {Snowflake Potchefstroom Wedding}

Maryké and Jacque’s wedding was nothing short of perfect. Tucked away in the quaint Potchefstroom, they truly made the day their own. Everything from their ceremony setting, hand-written vows to each other and Maryke’s one of a kind dress that was made with material from her Grannys curtains, this wedding was one for the books.  It happened on a winter’s day, on a rather sunny day.  There was singing, dancing, an amazing dinner under a string of lights and cake in the moonlight…it was magical, it was a true celebration of love!

Maryké and Jacques it was such a big honour being part of your special day and we feel truly blessed to have met you guys!

Much Love,

Maiden Moose

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Venue: Snowflake

Catering: Boeresjiek

Wooden Badges, key rings, cufflings: Dotty Trunks Designs

DJ: Dewet Dagmars